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Car Loan Rates

Less than Perfect Credit? No problem...Once we help you find a car loan, you'll see this is a great time to be buying a car...

:: Lenders are approving people with bad credit

While the economy has struggled, auto dealers are approaching their market in new ways, bringing huge benefits to anyone seeking auto loans. Lenders are approving people with bad credit and dealers are cutting the best car sales in decades. 1-800-Car-Loan gives you the easiest way of getting approved while the market is still in your favor.

:: Best Car Deals in the History

2009, 2010 and 2011 have been torturous years for auto dealers. The industry has dropped considerably but in turn it has opened up a whole new market that draws in people with bad credit. As less and less people can afford to upgrade to new vehicles, today's auto buyers are those truly in need of a car. Now dealers are forced to cater towards shoppers relying on auto loans and ignore their poor credit scores. Not only are people with bad credit being treated like royalty but also dealers are tossing in extra incentives just to make a sale. As auto dealers draw up more strategies for selling cars, the benefits fall on you. From massive dips in prices and added incentives to better deals on service and repairs, anyone in the market for a new car can reap the rewards.

:: More Car Loans than ever

According to the Washington Post, "new bank loans for autos totaled $47.5 billion in the first quarter of 2012, higher than at any point in the past seven years." Lenders and the auto industry are primed for doing anything they can to sell cars. With the extremely low interest rates and continual drop in average credit score for those financing, now is the best time to take advantage.

:: 1-800-Car-Loan is there to Help You

1-800-Car-Loan provides a structured nationwide network linked to hundreds of dealers and lenders. What once required one failing bank visit after the next has now become as simple as making a phone call or applying online. By letting 1-800-Car-Loan handle the business you can be assured of receiving the lowest car loan rate for your credit score. Even better, because of the current status of the industry, those with poor credit scores are barely paying more than those with average ones.

Even as the market slowly bounces back it remains uneasy. Now is still the best time to buy a new car but that window will be closing soon enough. You can take advantage of the tremendous car loan rates lenders are offering while scooping up a fantastic deal on a car loaded with incentives.