There's Only One 1-800-CAR-LOAN®!

The Auto Dealer's Original and Most Recognizable Credit Hotline Number.

Now Available On...

We’ve found that dealers who use 1-800-CAR-LOAN sell twice as many cars as those using Internet leads alone. And now we’ve got expanded digital and mobile support under the 1-800-CAR-LOAN brand exclusively for dealers:

  • A local version of that’s customizable for your store to leverage the inventory you're already advertising
  • An auto finance mobile app to help target car shoppers who may visit but bounce from your website
  • Creative support to help promote 1-800-CAR-LOAN in your local market
  • Use of a web-based Internet Lead Management tool to help SELL MORE CARS!®

There’s only one 1-800-CAR-LOAN – and there’s only one license available for your area. Contact us today to lock it up for your store!